Algidex Ag Catheter Patch


Algidex Ag catheter patches reduce bacterial colonization associated with catheter-related infections by releasing ionic silver for broad antimicrobial effectiveness.

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Product Description

  • Reduces bacterial colonization associated with catheter related infections
  • Absorbs moisture around the catheter insertion site
  • Sterile patch of polyurethane foam coated with an ionic silver alginate and maltodextrin matrix
  • Releases active ionic silver for broad antimicrobial effectiveness
  • Does NOT require activation
  • Up to seven days wear time
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-staining

INDICATIONS:   Dialysis catheters, Central venous lines, Arterial catheters, External fixator pins, Epidural catheters, Peripheral IV catheters, Gastrostomy feeding tubes, Non-vascular percutaneous devices

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