Sorbion Sachet S


Very effective for moderate to very heavily draining wounds.

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The unique Hydration Response Technology of Sorbion Sachet S combines physically modified cellulose fibers with gel-forming components. The close interaction of both features in Sorbion Sachet S guarantees effective preparation for the wound bed and regulation of the wound conditions. This is what makes Sorbion Sachet S so effective at accelerating healing. Sorbion Sachet S is particularly suitable as a primary dressing for moderately to heavily exudating wounds and is especially useful in combination with the Carolon Multi-layer Stocking System and other compression modalities for management of exudate caused by venous insufficiency. The strong osmotic effect of Sorbion Sachet S guarantees rapid absorption of wound exudate with tremendous absorption capacity without drying out the wound. Microorganisms and cell debris are flushed from the depths of the wound and captured in Sorbion Sachet S. Sorbion Sachet S is very effective for moderately to heavily exudating wounds.

A secondary dressing is required to hold this dressing in place.

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3″ x 3″ each, 3″ x 3″ 10/box, 4″ x 8″ 10/box


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